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Our mission is to build

eco-cultures within organizations

by changing daily habits and behaviours

to positively impact the planet.

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A world where all organizations prioritize the health of the planet in their decision-making and daily operations, leading to a sustainable future for generations to come.


To lead: setting new standards for businesses to follow. We aim to foster a culture of sustainability within organizations by educating and encouraging individuals to take actions that benefit the planet.

By building awareness and a stronger connection to the environment, we strive to create real, positive change in the world.



FOCI influences daily habits for lasting change, which creates that ‘green’ culture so many organizations aspire to have but aren’t sure how to get there. We make it real, not just for the betterment of the planet but also because It's Important to people and the bottom line.

We do this by implementing changes from within an organization that makes a difference daily.

We use experience and a science-based approach to building an eco-culture  Every action or inaction does matter and makes an impact, which is why we help connect the dots so people can see the positive change.

Promote sustainable practices through employee education and training. Raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainability.
Collaborate with other organizations and policymakers to promote sustainable policies.
Innovate and develop new solutions for sustainability and environmental protection.


Rob Francis

Principle Consultant / Founder


We are inspired by the notion that every individual action makes a huge and lasting impact on the planet's health. I set my sights on changing how people behave and interact at work.

Creating change at large organizations makes a bigger impact than educating one person at a time, and it was through this channel that I realized the impact would be greater and faster.

This was how I began building eco-cultures with purpose.



Setting a new standard for building an eco-culture within organizations.



Teaching organizations new daily habits for a better planet.



Recognizing the tiniest shift in habits makes an exponential difference.



Inspiring others to feel more connected to the planet.



Sharing our passion for reducing waste at organizations worldwide through building an eco-culture.

Towards a Sustainable Future:
How our Team is Leading the Way in Putting the Planet First

We envision a world where organizations put the planet’s health first when making decisions and going through day-to-day operations. With a  team of professionals, we lead by setting new standards within people – to get them to all pull in the same direction through living a culture. Building awareness with education and related actions creates a stronger connection to the planet. When that happens within an entity, real positive change begins to happen.

ABOUT US - How our Team is Leading the Way in Putting the Planet First.png

We know that reducing waste worldwide with eco-cultures that

ignite inspiration and change is the way to make a difference for a better tomorrow.

Is your organization ready for an eco-culture?

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