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FOCI uses a behavioural-science approach to encourage people to make better decisions to support the planet.

Since its inception in 2018, FOCI has been working with organizations to help change behaviour to benefit the planet, and the organization.


FOCI is engaged in shaping cultures that promote eco-friendly habits that reduce the carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and conserve water – all outcomes that improve the health of the planet, the health of the organization, and have a positive impact on the bottom line through cost savings.


Companies are increasingly requiring their suppliers to have strong ESG strategies and comply with environmental regulations. To stay competitive, it's important to have a robust ESG strategy and ensure suppliers align with it. This demonstrates commitment to sustainability and attracts like-minded partners.

Reducing your organization's negative impact on the planet

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Cost-saving via reduction in your carbon footprint

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Attracting top talent that seek organizations who value the health and our impact on the planet

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Being an eco-friendly vendor in the supply chain

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We are a environmental consulting company.

We specialize in building eco-cultures within organizations.

We work with eco-minded companies to deliver a full suite of environmental advisory and technical services.

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Build an Eco-Culture at your Organization

FOCI uses a Behavioural-Science approach by showing and encouraging your employees that by making mindful decisions throughout the day, they can help support the planet, and your organization, in a positive way.

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Sustainability Advisory Services

With our comprehensive portfolio of sustainability services, we help companies develop and test internal standards, manage supply chains and production, assess, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and much more.

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Energy Audits and Reduction Measures

Energy Audit Services are the first step towards your comprehensive energy management strategy. An improvement in energy efficiency within your organization can potentially bring significant business benefits such as reduced overhead and production costs to name a few.


Our collaborative team of organizational psychologists, environmental engineers, marketing and communication specialists, and designers work closely with clients to understand their unique culture, goals, and priorities.

Our approach focuses on people, not just processes, and we partner with environmental engineers to track and report progress towards reducing environmental impact.


We believe that small habits lead to a big impact.

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Experienced Providers

Our team consists of organizational psychologists, environmental engineers, marketing & communication specialists, and designers.

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Customized Programs

Every organization's culture, goals, and priorities are different. We work closely with you to identify opportunities for change and develop evidence-based programs for lasting culture change.

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Evidence-Based Methods

We deploy the Proscii AKDAR model of change management. Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. Our approach focuses on people, not processes.

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Measurable Results

Our environmental engineers can track, measure, and report the progress that your organization makes to reduce your environmental impact. Small habits leads to large impact.

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